*Ants Never Sleep

Dust Jacket Blurb

Don Van Kirk (aka Uncle Don) likes to pester people by talking in a voice that is a combination of Chef Boyardee and a New Jersey ‘wise guy’. He tells long winded stories and jokes that aren’t funny. When people don’t laugh at his jokes, he will go into a lengthy explanation of why the joke is funny. People that meet Don for the first time like to buy him drinks in the hopes that he will not remember their names. When entering a room he is usually greeted warmly with an, “Oh No!  It’s you again.”  However, Don is not a quitter. No matter how many times you walk away from him, he will follow you and continue to talk about  himself. To meet Don just ask any bartender in town, “Have you seen Uncle Don today?”

” He may be an idiot, but he’s my idiot “,  by Janell