*Are You A Writer?

OK!  Let’s say you have the urge to write a little story and you sit down at the keyboard…and then nothing comes out. What do you do?  Move to a cabin in the woods….nah…been done. Go to your ‘happy place’ until an idea pops up…I don’t think so. I know! Start drinking heavily. Wrong, wrong and…( well, the last one has merit )…I mean wrong. What you do is sit down and write. Good, bad, or otherwise, the key is to put it on paper. Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway because who’s going to be reading it other than your Aunt Mabel?  I write for myself.  When I am done writing a piece and edit it several times, I will finally sit back and go, “I like it.”  Someone may read it and advise me to use a colon instead of a semi-colon ( Adrian ), but that’s alright. For the most part when it’s done, it’s done.

I can attest to the aforementioned statement about drinking and writing. Yes, I do wake up every day and grab a cold beer, sit on the porch and smoke a Lucky Strike cigarette, who doesn’t?  I manage to shower & shave and find some reasonably clean clothes to put on.  I might even grab a second beer or a glass of wine, maybe a bourbon/ginger, or smoke some…“Hell!”  What I am saying.  I head to my office, grab a fistful of Apple-powered keyboard and have at it.  For the next three to four hours I’m clanking away.  It could be a review of a favorite restaurant for Yelp, catching up on some correspondence, maybe a minor adjustment to a previous story or, some days, a brand new short story. Those days are my favorite.

The question of “Are you a writer?” can be answered simply. In the ‘Authors in Pubs’ biography for Cody Newton, he states, “I’m a barista, a journalist, and above all a writer.” I like that statement: “Above all a writer.”  I encourage anyone and everyone to write. You just might surprise yourself in a very positive way.

“Once again the pen, so soon to return to my hand.” -‘unknown’


1 thought on “*Are You A Writer?

  1. Well said. Now I just pray to God, or the gods, or my never-fail Parking Goddess, it’s true.
    Enough said.

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