Girl Scouts

I was running into a supermarket the other day to get a few things, and right out front on the sidewalk were some Girl Scouts selling cookies. I rarely have much cash, and usually swipe my debit card for purchases. I mentioned to the young ladies that I was short on cash, and blew by them ( yeah right!, don’t tell me you haven’t used a ‘line’ or two on a Girl Scout ).

Later, as I was heading to my car with a bag of groceries, two of the girls stopped me, and proceeded to give me, ‘The Look’. “No money huh!, what did you buy all this stuff with?”, was their query. Before I could make up some kind of phony answer, it was ‘Biff!, Bang!, Pow!’. These little gals had to have some kind of badge in the Martial Arts field. I was holding my own with the first four scouts, ( luckily the moms stayed out of the fray ), when I heard a voice to my left. I turned just in time to see a shopping cart headed my way at full speed. The scout behind the wheel, was the biggest I’ve ever seen ( if she was still 13, then I am Gandhi ). I tried to duck, but my head somehow got in the way. What happened next was right out of a Warner Bros. cartoon. Stars, little birds, you name it were all circling over my noggin. I was both: Down & Out. ( I’ve got photos )

I spent 14 hours in the emergency room and then 6 days up on the trauma ward at the local hospital, ( Man! were the drugs fantastic ). I had a lot of time to think and finally came up with the following piece of good advise or moral if you like. “If a Girl Scout asks if you would like to buy some Thinmints, I suggest you buy a case.”


“You can’t bless a pig, and make it Kosher”, by Rabbi M.


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