‘Story Ideas’

Going ‘Dutch’ – I am never cheap. I like to call myself ‘Extremely Thrifty’.

Biff & Cosmo – A tale of two Siamese kittens, or as I call them; “Twin Brothers from Hell”. Just ask Mike, Crista, or Matt & Matt.

I’d Be Twins – A way to describe how happy you are. (ie.) “If I was any happier, I’d be twins”. ( yeah, you might have to think about it )

Flying United – If you knew what I know about baggage handlers, you will never check your luggage again. I mean Hey!, I was one.

Coca-Cola – Remember when it came in 8oz bottles, with the names of cities on the bottom? Yeah!, Yeah!, Yeah!, and gum was a nickel.

The Rasco’s – I’ve been listening to this band so long, they now call themselves, ‘Los Recedos’. ( don’t make me explain about their hairline…, really!

My First Car – OK!…, technically it was a truck.

Women I Have Known – A collection of explanations of why they all moved to other states.


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