*True Love

Their night was filled with passion and the quenching of hidden desires. The months of longing were at last fulfilled. Their relationship was a new one, but they already knew it would last forever. Time after time that night they made love, only to fall asleep in each others arms to the melodic sounds of the ocean. Exhausted yet rejuvenated, they would wake up and start anew; each time their passions grew and their pleasures reached new heights. Finally, as the sun started to rise over the crisp, blue sea, the man awoke and stepped out onto the veranda to have a smoke. He returned to his bride’s side, just as She was stirring. He kissed Her gently on the forehead and caressed Her angelic face. She opened her eyes and gave him that special smile that he knew so well. He gazed at Her lovingly, waiting for Her to say the first words of their new life together. Finally, She says to him: “Honey, I’m pregnant, and I think I’m going to be sick!”  and then She throws-up in his bedside shoes.

The start of a romance novel, a true story, or something I just made up?  A little of all three I suppose. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that true love still exists. It’s just getting harder to find. Being hopelessly in love is a delicate business. I have come to realize that taking my time is the key to the future. That, and the fact that my love for Her is so true that it doesn’t matter what happens, as long as She is happy. I am thankful to be a part of Her life, in any way that I can be. I plan to be the ‘best whatever’, (uncle, friend, shoulder to cry on), that She has ever known. This is my secret promise to Her, as She will never know these words exist or that they are about Her. To me, that is the essence of True Love. Nothing, nor anyone, can or will change my mind on this. Only the Lady in question has the power to tell me what to do, or when to stop. I love Her that much. I really do.

The next woman in my life will be truly amazed how wonderful life can be, and how great ‘True Love’ is.

Integrity is a shifty thing.” by Katherine B


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